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Greetings from babyland! We’re just over here not sleeping so I figured I would take the opportunity to get a blog post out and show ya’ll that we’re still alive! I posted a photo of our nursery on Insta last week after I got the finishing touches done. It has since gained an occupant and […]

A Nursery Tour

Feb 9, 2020

My allergies have alerted me to the fact that spring has sprung here in Maryland, which naturally means I will make a half-hearted attempt at spring cleaning. Yesterday’s project was cleaning our main living area, as well as rearranging it to accomodate our gorgeous new coffee table that I scored from Facebook Marketplace, and as […]

A Living Room Update

Mar 25, 2019

  Anyone who’s part of a household where multiple religions are practiced probably knows how interesting certain times of year get! In December our house gets wonderfully chaotic with arrangements for both Hanukkah and Christmas. Between the smell of latkes (Daniel is REALLY good at making latkes, you would never know he’s not Jewish), wrapping […]

DIY Hanukkamas Decor

Nov 22, 2018

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