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The SMP wedding experience has been crafted to ensure that from engagement to wedding, you are taken care of, not stressed AF. Your experience with your wedding photographer should be about more than photos. If you want a photographer who will laugh at your jokes, make you actually love being in front of the camera, and sit on electric fences to get the shot, then I’m your gal. I’m an extrovert, people’s person, and can’t wait to be your bestie! Oh yeah, and we’ll take really amazing photos. Like photos that make you go “Damn! I didn’t know I could look that good!”

Ready to be pals???? Shoot me an email from my contact page and I’ll send you the deets!

The SMP experience is open to couples from all backgrounds, walks of faith, and cultures. Please feel safe reaching out to me, I would love to help you celebrate your wedding!


Smart. Sophisticated. Genuine.

SMP Couples are all these things and more!

The SMP family is made up of couples who are all about the experience of image-making just as much as the final product, and crave a fun time in front of the camera that makes them feel amazing and gives them photos where they can really see their true, spectacular selves. Every one of my couples is amazingly unique, but they all have something in common: they crave beautiful, timeless photos that capture their wedding day in a bright and authentic way.

Do you appreciate the finer things in life, like good wine and belly laughs? Do you love adventure with a classic twist and want your wedding photos to stand the test of time and do more than live on your phones? And most importantly, are you ok with me sending you dog memes? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions it’s time to make you a Sarandon Mara Photography couple.

Are you ready to become part of the SMP family? Send me an email! I can’t wait to get to know you!

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